Blind Box - Kitan Club - Cap for Cat Style Bear

Directly imported from Japan!
Each hat comes in a blind box sent randomly & choice of character can not be requested. Price is for each individual box.

Article number: 00277839
Quantity: 7
  • Officially Licensed - This merchandise is officially licensed and 100% authentic and imported from Japan.
  • High Quality - Made of high quality fabric!
  • Sizing - For about a cat head circonférence of 11-11.5''
  • Age - 8+
  • Limited Edition - Multiple different characters to collect! A perfect item to give an adorable look. 
  • Tag - Mystery Box, random box, surprise box, blind box, boîte au hasard, boîte surprise, Boîte mystère
  • Tag - Hat, Chapeau, Bonnet, Chat, Cat

#Blind Box - Kitan Club - Cap for Cat Style Bear
#Boîte mystère - Kitan Club - Chapeau pour Chat Style Ourson