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Please note that our store is closed until January 11 to comply with the lockdown. We will still send orders online. Please allow a little more time to prepare your order. Thank you and see you soon!

Chez Rhox specializes in geek and pop culture inspired merchandise since 2009.  
We have a store based in Montreal and also participate in numerous comicons, anime conventions and similar events throughout Canada all year long. 

Our boutique in Montreal is currently closed for lockdown.

Monday 10a.m.–6p.m.
Tuesday 10a.m.–6p.m.
Wednesday 10a.m.–6p.m.
Thursday 10a.m.–9p.m.
Friday 10a.m.–9p.m.
Saturday 10a.m.–5p.m.
Sunday 10a.m.–5p.m.